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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foolish Me

This is just an interesting thought that might say more about me than I would like.

I want to serve people and lead my church as we gather to worship our Lord but two things I still find myself neglecting: time with God and time with my instrument. The time spent in the seminary classroom is not going to turn me automatically into a leader and reading about software synths or watching videos on You Tube won't do much for me either.

But I remain in my foolishness for this is yet not enough to wake me up and push me into doing what I have to.

The task is simple: Know God and know your instrument. If there is ever a problem with this then default to the one that matters most: know God.

While this might be just me letting out steam and posting away my frustrations, I wonder how many of us are struggling with this at some level.

Lord, thank you because the very same desire you put in my heart to question my motives, my actions and even more my inactions gives me hope. Now, even though I am sure I don't need to ask you for it, I need the courage to follow up and discipline to be constant with my decisions and resolutions.