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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here at Your Table - Bread of Life

Link to the song here.

As an assignment of my Music Theory II class, we took an unknown hymn and rewrote the melody and parts, making a new SATB (4 voice) arrangement. God in his immense wisdom and sense of humor decided to open my curiosity and see how this would sound with a contemporary arrangement. Having my dear church Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, in mind I decided to play with it and see if it would fit our worship service and maybe one day eventually use it.

This 19th century text, written by May Pierpont Hoyt, speaks for itself! For the rest, all I can say is that this is an answered prayer. Thank you, Lord, for giving beautiful creativity and sparks of light to my weak and dirty hands and prideful heart. Thank you for letting us use music to worship and glorify you despite the fact that we have used music before to worship ourselves!

Here is the text for this precious hymn, with some added text for the hook.

Here at Your table, Lord, this sacred hour,
O let us feel You near, in loving power,
Calling our thoughts away from self and sin
As to Your banquet hall we enter in.

Come then, O Holy Christ, feed us, we pray;
Touch with Your pierced hand each common day;
Making this earthly life full of Your grace,
Till in the home of heaven we find our place.

So shall our life of faith be full, be sweet;
And we shall find our strength for each day meet;
Fed by Your living bread, all hunger past,
We shall be satisfied, and saved at last.

Come, Living God,
King of all Kings,
Merciful Savior,
Holy One.

Come, Lamb of God,
Promise of grace,
Come to Your table,
Bread of life.

The demo’s lead vocals features a dear friend Sara Jerez, wife of worship leader and composer Jonathan Jerez. Please feel free to listen to some of the wonderful things God is doing through them:

Thank you Sara. You are awesome!!!